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PRESS RELEASE: Popular Watch Accessory Brand Takes New Steps to Combat Imitations

Popular Watch Accessory brand: EZTool have taken further steps to reassure their loyal customers by applying logos to several of the individual tools comprising the 16-piece watch repair tool kit.

With an enthusiastic customer base and a much revered tool kit, EZTool have unfortunately been the victim of recent copy-cat manufacturers.  These extra measures are seen as necessary to avoid any possible customer disappointment and to uphold the reputation of the EZTool brand.  Relatively new to the scene, EZTool have clearly made their mark already.

Gus Hess, Spokesman for EZTool, points out that; "Although other kits may look similar, we go to great lengths to continually develop and improve our products, as well as offer first-class customer support.  Not only are our kits superior to other more 'dubious' kits, we also offer a comprehensive customer service together with an unconditional 100-day replacement guarantee!  Our kits come in a logo'ed case, complete with additional gift packaging".  

EZTool are quick to point out that their tool kit is the only Watch Repair Tool Kit that comes with a fully illustrated (41-page) Instruction Manual.  This alone sets them apart from the competition.  The Instruction manual covers in detail all the basic watch repair and maintenance tasks such as changing a battery, adjusting a watch band, taking links out of a bracelet, and even how to replace the gaskets of a watch.

The new tool kits with additional logos on the tools will be rolled out over the coming months.  "We will keep the existing website images (without the logos), until such time as we can be sure that we only have branded inventory in stock".  In  the mean time, EZTool assure us that so long as they buy from a reputable source and look for the EZTool logo on the case, they can be confident of a high quality product.

EZTool are now looking forward to brisk trade through the holiday season, building on the strength of reputation they have created so far this year.

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