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EZTool Customers To Benefit from Yet MORE Kit Upgrades!

EZTool appear to be constantly looking for more ways to add value to already highly popular Watch Repair Kit.

This time, they have announced an upgrade from the existing 2-point Watch Case Wrench to a far superior 3-point version.  This fits neatly into the handy carry-case which already comes as standard with the kit.


The 3-point wrench is supplied with several sets of 'teeth' to fit difference brands and styles of watch.  The previous 2-point wrench only had one set of teeth.

As always, a full-color, printed instruction manual comes with the kit to guide users through the process of changing their watch battery or other watch maintenance tasks.

This new wrench puts EZTool's kit on a par with many of the professional watch repair kits on the market.

The set already contains all the tools necessary to change a watch strap/link, access screw down or pressure fit watch cases, and many other handy tools for watch repair and jewelry maintenance.

EZTool are rightly proud of their products (which also include a premium Watch Spring Bar set).  They also offer a 60-day "no questions asked" guarantee.


EZTool products are available from Amazon (just search 'watch repair') and also on their own website: 

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